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The motive for his return may’ve been a suitcase he left with me filled with diagrams and sketches for future projects.
One of the most important moments in the German sociologist Max Weber's career happened 25 years after his death...
It’s been said there are two kinds of women. The first set ponders, What does he see in her? The second set remasters conjecture, What does she see in a he?
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4. Standing by the fireplace, Todd Many Goats has my mother shower in ash. Tarajean walks her slowly to the bathroom, removing each article of clothing...
Joy is that surge that breaks out of the compound where possessions accumulate and gratification is oral; ecstasy is finding oneself swept away...
A natural act, liminally registered: intimacy subsisting and transforming through texture.
Atmospheric attunement is a collective sensing out of what might be happening...
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One of the implications of an address to humor that "doesn’t try" for it, is that the comic in this dimension is more often found than invented...